The Official Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham is a American reality TV star hailing from Omaha Nebraska. The star has had rough and dark times throughout her life as she had been drugged and raped many times as she claims. She turned pregnant only at the age of sixteen, ironically enough it was documented on "16 and Pregnant", a reality TV series which vividly depicted pregnancy and its major oncoming setbacks of motherhood at an early age, featuring Farrah Abraham. However, besides being known as a stripper and a pornographic actress, she is quite well versed in music too which she treats as a hobby rather than a career move. 
Farrah Abraham plead guilty in a DUI case as she was imprisoned. However, later on she was put to a 6 month probation and was charged about $500 of fine. Initially, she decided to create a sex tape of her own featuring herself and a famous pornographic actor James Deen, and then she furthered to the next step by offering it to some pornographic distributors through his medium. She fetched a great share of profit out of it and made about $1.5 million after selling her sex tape to the distributors. The video was out of nowhere, and she feels it ruined her life by a long shot because no one ever wanted to be friends with her nor is she respected within the range of her family anymore, although she moved on with the sorcery eventually. The Vivid Entertainment (distributor) released her tape out in the open that goes by the title "Farrah Superstar - Backdoor Teen Mom". Farrah, at first claimed that it was just a personal sex video tape with Deen which was then leaked, but in an interview James Deen admitted it was meant for porno and with that, he finally cleared the air of doubts. Despite the Vivid Entertainment was aware of her previous rape allegations, on a press release they announced her second video was around the corner to be released. It was called "Farrah 2: Backdoor and More". This brought out Abraham's underhanded personality, while this release was a major success too following "Farrah Superstar - Backdoor Teen Mom". Farrah became very busy with her late night club appearances, strip clubs and other special appearances which got the privilege to attend to for the fame she obtained from her sex tapes. Even though she was quite busy with her life, she decided to attend Adult Video News award pre party with her new "love". She not just ended up losing her award to Tila Tequila but many people who put money on her lost some of theirs too. 
With the season five of Teen Mom being really close, out of all the likelihood it might be plausible that Farrah Abraham could make her majestic return to the show after being left out on the last season of Teen Mom. However these are just some of the rumors circulating around the online world, but it is definitely worth looking forward to.

Update 12/7/2015: You can find the Farrah Abraham sex tape @!

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