The Farrah Abraham Sex Tape with James Deen

If you haven't heard of Farrah Abraham yet, she's the internet's newest fame whore.  We first got acquainted with her through fellow scumbag Charlie Sheen, whose loathing of her is only rivaled by how greedily he banged her.  Farrah Abraham is a unique mix of beauty and skankiness, with an almost classy veneer marred by repeated and insistent stupidity.

All her problems aside though, her "sex tape" is a winner, with her and James Deen banging in just about every position.  Although a mother at 22, her body doesn't show it.  She claims the film was leaked and then she decided to take ownership - but if it is leaked, it's the best filmed amateur film ever. 

The film has some great shots of her getting mounted, sucking on Deen's prodigious cock, and just all around loving the trouble she's getting into.  James Deen and her have some real chemistry that you just can't miss, so be sure to check it out!

Watch the full Farrah Superstar sex tape here >>